Privacy Policy

Historical Data:

East Trent Genealogy classes all transcribed data as historical. However, much of this data covers events which occurred almost up to the present day, and as such it contains detailed information about people who may still be living. With a regard for protecting the privacy of those individuals, we have developed the East Trent Genealogy Privacy Policy, as follows:

Detailed historical data will not be published on the East Trent Genealogy website if the person to whom it relates was born less than 100 years ago.

Hopefully this means that there is no detailed information published on this website which relates to living people, but please do contact us if you know otherwise or have any concerns about Data Protection issues.

What if my ancestor was born less than 100 years ago?

All transcriptions covered by our Privacy Policy are kept offline. At the beginning of each new year, transcriptions will be added to the East Trent Genealogy website if our Privacy Policy no longer applies to them. For example, transcriptions for people born in 1924 will become available in January 2025 and so on.

In the meantime, if you are looking for an event regarding a person born less than 100 years ago, please contact us with as much information as possible, including your relationship to the person in question. We will carry out a search of our transcriptions and create a report for you free of charge, but donations are always welcome!

Important Note: In order to protect the privacy of people who may still be living, we reserve the right to withhold any search results (or to supply only partial details) at our discretion, depending on individual circumstances.