Regional Resources

This section contains information about the East Trent region in general, with regard to including items which might be of use to genealogists and local historians alike. If you have ancestors from the Nottinghamshire communities of Besthorpe, Brough, Collingham, Girton, Harby, Holme, Langford, North & South Clifton, South Scarle, Spalford, Thorney, Wigsley, Winthorpe, or the Lincolnshire communities of Broadholme or Swinethorpe, and would like to know more about where they lived and worshipped, this is the place for you to look.

The first sub-section to be included is about places of worship. Eventually, there will be information about the above-named communities and about the landscape and buildings of the region. Keep checking our What's New page to see when these sub-sections will be added!

Places of Worship

Here you will find lots of information about each of the places of worship in the East Trent area of Nottinghamshire. Initially, the collection just includes those churches for which parish register transcriptions have been carried out, but more information will be added at a later date. Keep an eye on our What's New page for more details.