Places of Worship

Searching the East Trent Genealogy places of worship database:

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About this collection:

The Places of Worship collection will eventually include entries for all the churches and chapels which exist or have existed in the East Trent area of Nottinghamshire. Each entry will have information about the individual place of worship, and will include links where appropriate to other parts of East Trent Genealogy and also to external websites. At present, the collection includes those churches for which parish register transcriptions have been included on this website, but do keep checking our What's New page to see when more data will be added!

Information currently available for each place of worship includes:

  • Denomination and current use.
  • External websites, i.e. the East Trent Group site, the entry on the Church of England's parish finder "A Church Near You" and the entry on the Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham's Church History Project.
  • Location details, including the address, links to online maps and Sat Nav coordinates.
  • Baptism, burial & marriage registers (links to transcriptions, list of transcribed registers).