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Baptism Parish: Winthorpe (All Saints)

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ViewName Baptism DateParents' NamesBirth DateParish
Ellen Jane ALLAN4 Sep 1864James ALLAN & ElizabethWinthorpe (All Saints)
Henrietta Elizabeth ALLAN4 Sep 1864James ALLAN & ElizabethWinthorpe (All Saints)
Kate Moorhouse ALLAN4 Sep 1864James ALLAN & ElizabethWinthorpe (All Saints)
Alfred Gray ALLEN25 Mar 1860James ALLEN & ElizabethWinthorpe (All Saints)
Henrietta Amelia ALLEN27 Jun 1858James ALLEN & ElizabethWinthorpe (All Saints)
William Winthorpe ALLEN20 Jul 1856James ALLEN & ElizabethWinthorpe (All Saints)
Hannah ANCLIF28 Feb 1790William ANCLIF & RebeckahWinthorpe (All Saints)
Sarah ANCLIF25 Jun 1786Willm. ANCLIF & RebeccaWinthorpe (All Saints)
Ann ANCLIFF13 Jul 1794Willm. ANCLIFF & RebeccaWinthorpe (All Saints)
Ann ANCLIFF25 Oct 1801William ANCLIFF & RebeccaWinthorpe (All Saints)
Ann ANCLIFF12 Mar 1843James ANCLIFF & ElizabethWinthorpe (All Saints)
Benjamin ANCLIFF1 Jul 1798William ANCLIFF & RebeccaWinthorpe (All Saints)
Catharine ANCLIFF22 May 1796William ANCLIFF & RebeccaWinthorpe (All Saints)
Hannah ANCLIFF25 Dec 1790Willm. ANCLIFF & RebeccaWinthorpe (All Saints)
John ANCLIFF14 Sep 1800William ANCLIFF & RebeckaWinthorpe (All Saints)
John ANCLIFF19 Feb 1804William ANCLIFF & RebeccaWinthorpe (All Saints)
Mary ANCLIFF1 Jul 1792Willm. ANCLIFF & RebeccaWinthorpe (All Saints)
William ANCLIFF2 Mar 1788Wm. ANCLIFF & RebeccaWinthorpe (All Saints)
Elizabeth ANDARSON7 Mar 1726/7John ANDARSONWinthorpe (All Saints)
Jane ANDARSON21 Sep 1729Elizabeth ANDARSONWinthorpe (All Saints)

Viewing Records 1 - 20 of 1,350

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