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Burial Parish: Winthorpe (All Saints)

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ViewName Burial DateBirth YearParent/Spouse NamesParish
Edgar ALFORD5 Oct 1966abt 1890Winthorpe (All Saints)
Hannah Beatrice ALFORD30 Nov 1992abt 1890Winthorpe (All Saints)
Alfred Gray ALLEN19 Mar 1861abt 1860Winthorpe (All Saints)
Emma Georgiana ALLEN19 Aug 1864abt 1844Winthorpe (All Saints)
Henrietta ALLEN26 Mar 1863abt 1858Winthorpe (All Saints)
James ALLEN8 Jul 1871abt 1809Winthorpe (All Saints)
Kate Moorhouse ALLEN5 Sep 1870abt 1864Winthorpe (All Saints)
Thomas Mark ALLEN10 May 1864abt 1845Winthorpe (All Saints)
William ALLEN16 Jun 1875abt 1856Winthorpe (All Saints)
Anne Lax ALLWOOD19 Jul 1927abt 1871Winthorpe (All Saints)
Edward ALLWOOD24 Jul 1928abt 1848Winthorpe (All Saints)
Ann ANCLIFF24 Sep 1799Willm. ANCLIFF & RebeccaWinthorpe (All Saints)
James ANCLIFF2 Jun 1845abt 1812Winthorpe (All Saints)
John ANCLIFF17 Nov 1800Winthorpe (All Saints)
Sarah ANCLIFF17 Feb 1814abt 1788Winthorpe (All Saints)
Sarah ANCLIFF6 Jul 1845abt 1837Winthorpe (All Saints)
Richard ANDARSON15 Feb 1716/7Winthorpe (All Saints)
Edward ANDERS6 Jul 1819abt 1819Winthorpe (All Saints)
Ann ANDERSON23 Aug 1767Joseph ANDERSONWinthorpe (All Saints)
Ann ANDERSON23 Aug 1769Joseph ANDERSONWinthorpe (All Saints)

Viewing Records 1 - 20 of 1,085

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About this collection:

The burial entries on this website have been transcribed either from microfiche of the original registers produced by Nottinghamshire Archives, or from the original registers themselves. They have been transcribed by the website author to the best of her ability, however the handwriting at times could not be fully deciphered. Where an entry is uncertain, this is clearly indicated in the transcribed entry. If you have any suggested corrections for these entries, or any queries about them, please contact us.

So far, the earliest burials transcribed and put on this website date back to 1682. As time allows, transcriptions of the earlier remaining registers will be added. See our What's New section for the latest updates, or the Places of Worship section to see which registers have been transcribed for each church.

In accordance with the East Trent Genealogy Privacy Policy, only those burial entries for people known to have been born more than 100 years ago will be published on this website. If you are looking for the burial entry of someone born less than 100 years ago, please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

Finally, our Places of Worship section includes details of the burial registers still in use and kept at the individual churches. These registers will not be transcribed for this website, but if you would like advice on how to obtain entries from them, please contact us.

Special Note: Disposal of Cremated Remains

In theory, a funeral service for a deceased person who is to be cremated should be entered in the service register. If the cremated remains are then scattered or interred in the churchyard, an entry should be made in the burial register.

In practice, it would appear that some funeral services were recorded in the burial register, and some interments of ashes were not. In the case of the former, this is for the greater part supposition, based on the dates of death and the apparent dates of disposal of cremated remains being only a few days apart. In the case of the latter, the giveaway is usually an inscription on a gravestone and no corresponding entry in the burial register.

The transcriptions are as per the burial registers, regardless, but please bear the above in mind if you are interested in an entry which concerns the disposal of cremated remains. If you have any questions regarding this subject, please contact us.